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    PART # 821416096

    Dissolve-a-Way Plus Stabilizer 12" x 10 Yards

    Specialty type: Embroidery

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    Recommended uses: 

    Dissolve-A-Way Plus used as a topper keeps the high nap or loft pile fabrics from peaking through embroidery stitches and adding a flatter surface for stitches or embroidery. It’s a must for heavier weights of terry cloth, corduroy, and fleece. Heavy stitch count or using heavier weight threads requires a heavier topper weight to maintain coverage.  Improves embroidery applications on uneven surface such as Pique knits, course weave fabrics, “bumpy” fabrics or textures such as ribbons, yarns, thick threads or woven fabric strips.  Use as stabilizer-only in the hoop for fine lace embroidery, multiple fabric layer appliqué, or 3-D thread/yarn decorative stitched pieces.  


    As topper:  

    • Method One is to place Dissolve-A-Way Plus on top of fabric then hoop normally and embroider. 
    • Method Two is to hoop fabric first, place piece of Dissolve-A-Way Plus on top, secure with basting stitch before beginning embroidery process.  

    As a stabilizer: 

    • For higher stitch count lace designs, heavier thread weights, appliqué or 3-D texture piece, hoop 1-2 layers of Dissolve-A-Way Plus stabilizer. Pull stabilizer edges gently to tighten and secure in hoop. Be careful not to stretch film as you tighten. 
    • When completed, tear away as much of the film as possible. Removal of remaining is best in a warm water bath, soaking for 10 minutes. Move item around in water continuously. Repeat until completely removed. Rinse in warm water. 
    • Dissolve-A-Way Plus can be removed also by medium to heavy steam or moisten and blotted away with a wet sponge.
    • Place item on flat surface until thoroughly dry.